The Truth About Homelessness

On any given day in New Hampshire, there are 2,438 people who are homeless.

-NH Coalition to End Homelessness (January, 2012)

New Hampshire officials recently said an annual count of homeless people across the state shows an 18% increase over 2010. To that end, New Horizons sheltered 818 unduplicated adults with special needs ranging from known mental illness, alcohol and substance abuse, physical disability, veterans and developmental disability. Additionally, New Horizons was the agency, which helped to serve 253 persons who experienced homelessness for the first time, which surpassed the number of persons who are chronically homeless, almost 2 to 1.

One in six American Families live below their respective poverty thresholds. NH Coalition to End Homelessness.

In 2013, an average of 70 people stayed in our Shelters each night.

New Horizons Food Pantry distributed 12,601 bags of food to impoverished individuals, children and their families.

New Horizons Soup Kitchen served 98,162 meals including 2,806 children's meals.

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