New Horizons is an emergency shelter, located at 199 Manchester Street.

The shelter can accommodate 63 men and 13 women in dormitory style sleeping areas. The shelter is available to homeless individuals 18-years-old and older.Shelter residents are required to sign in daily between 5:45 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Although alcohol or illegal substances may not be used on, or brought onto, New Horizons property, adults with active addictions are admitted. While not a treatment facility, we recognize that many of the chronically homeless who use our shelter are addicted to alcohol or other substances, and we work with them to seek treatment when they are ready.

Dinner is available at 3:00 pm for seniors and again at 4:30 for others including adults who do not reside at the shelter. Breakfast is available for shelter residents. There are also shower and laundry facilities on-site as well as health related services.

Providing shelter to individuals within the New Horizons catchment area is our first priority. Enabling people to relocate from another side is outside the purview of our mission and our staff may limit the stay of individuals from outside New Hampshire. An individual's stay may be limited to (3) three nights as this will allow time to take advantage of appropriate public services or make arrangements for shelter elsewhere.

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